I am a goddess
2001-07-31 16:02:14 (UTC)

send me an angel to love, cos i'm not sure that i'll see heaven

in this very diary i proclaimed that i didn't want a
boyfriend, that is a lie. I just didn't want a boyfriend
that consisted of any of the people that were interested in
me. I have very high standards, perhaps a little too high.
But then again i am a perfectionist so is it wrong to want
perfection in a loved one? There is no such thing as the
perfect person, the most you can ever hope for is about 75%
I have since decided that the only way i'm going to find
what i'm looking for is to go through a few non perfect
people along the way.
I'm aiming too high, theres nothing wrong with a bit of
idealism but when it all comes down to it, it is more
reasonable to have a acheivable goal.

for this reason only is why i'm considering al the grahams,
pauls and andrews of the world. If nothing happens at least
i can say i have tried.