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2002-10-06 16:10:36 (UTC)


soccer is off to a great start. we're 6 and 0. im listening
to the buffy soundtrack... its wonderful. i really should
go do my homework. i have tons and its sunday. i havent
done any of it yet. :-o !! anyways i havent called odie in
so long. i believe we're drifting. not a big loss. its
grade school, not marriage. its not real. i went to
homecoming yesterday, it sucked as usual. i went with daws
and we were anti-social the whole time. almost everyone was
there. ugh, people suck. last night was awful. me kit and
daws were supposed to go to the haunted grove thing... and
matt was going too. (daws likes him and he likes her, they
might go out) but then daws couldnt go bcuz she was out
last night . she went babysitting with me, which shouldnt
count cuz it was work... those kids are hell. anyways so me
and kit didnt wanna go just the two of us and it was kinda
cold, so we tried to see a movie but it was too late and we
didnt wanna wait for the 9 o'clock showing. AND i had
turned anna down cuz i already had plans for the haunted
grove. so it was 8 and i was alone and unhappy. grrrr. i
watched this awful movie on vh1 called "they shoot divas,
don't they?" what a horrible title. yeah, well its pretty
self-explanitory. this assistant tries to shoot her diva
employer. it was baaaaaaad. well i best be going. i have
math english earth science and laundry... clean my room.
ugh ill write later. most probably later today, since im
gonna jump on the computer to avoid my hwk once again.