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2001-07-31 16:00:34 (UTC)

July 31, 2001

This past weekend was just bad. It was a complete downer for
everyone. On Friday Hieu, Hao, Ray, Melanie and me went to
watch Planet of the Apes. The movie was really good and I
liked it a lot..... even though we were in the front row.
After that we all went to TGIF and had dinner. That was all
good, but then we decided to go to this party in Mira Mesa.
We were going to go to the Scripps party that Mike and Eric
were djing after that one. That's when everything went
wrong. I swear we were only there for 5 minutes..... all of
which I was in the bathroom...... then Hao gets jumped. It
was really dumb and Hao had to go to the hospital to get
checked out. The good thing is that he's okay. Saturday was
pretty normal. Ray went with me to UTC to buy my mom a gift
for someone. Then we went to CPK for lunch and had a really
good conversation as usual. Later on that night I went out
with Dae and we went to Patrick's house to watch the Jones
vs. Gonzales fight. We did smoke that night too, but our
high was killed. That night we just went to Duvinh's for a
little while and then we went to Ed's house. After that we
were really hungry so we went to Juanberto's with Jeff. I
got home really early that night.... around 11:30. Sunday
started out normal. I went to breakfast with my family and
then later that day I hung out with Hieu and her mom. After
that we went over to Dae's house and ate chips with salsa
con queso.... hehehe. Then Ray came over and talked with us
for a while, but left to go to church. He did come back
later and we all went to the Marketplace. We met up with
Mike and Eric and we stayed until about 8:30.... geez, home
early again. Then some time after 9:00, Ray called me to
tell me that Mike and Lovelyn got into a car accident. So I
drove over to where they were and stayed with them the rest
of the night. They are both okay, but that is the second car
that Mike has gotten into an accident with this year. Poor
him! So the weekend sucked! Things ,however, did turn around
yesterday..... at least for me it did. I was talking to Ray
at noon and then Will called me. I so didn't expect to get a
call from him. I was so excited! I spent the entire
afternoon with him. We drove around the beach areas past PB
and Belmont park. Then we ended up at Presidio park and sat
under a tree and talked for a few hours. The more that I
talk with Will the more that I like him. I've been really
happy lately and I think that a lot of it has to do with
him. I hope that I get to see him more this week!