Lil* Black Backpack
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2002-10-06 16:03:31 (UTC)

I'm only Sleeping!

hey ya! well yea i really have not written in ya since
like, well forever. I just have had way to much to do these
past couple of months. Well i have a guy in my life incase
u wanted to know. His name is andrew and he is awesome.
i've never met any one like him. we are only talking we are
not yet labled BF and Gf but when that happens somehow i
will find some time to update. My life has been so
different since the last time i wrote in here. Theres no
more Fernando or J'son. they are both absolutly out of my
life. well except for fernando because we go to the same
school so its a lil hard to get away from him. we still
talk occasionally but not as often as we used to. Doesnt
bother me any. I have kickass friends, and he is the last
person i am worrying about. Well now that everyone knows
how great everything has been going here, im gonna go so
buh byes!