Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2002-10-06 15:49:43 (UTC)

New Month

Well that was an interesting September and October's begun
just as interestingly. Thurs. Oct. 3 was weird after
school with Steph. A very strange first. There was nothing
though. But at lunch Friday that was fun. I brought in the
JtHM Director's Cut and Squee's Wonderful Big Gigantic Book
of Unspeakable Horrors (that title might be off but you get
the picture) because Bert was familiar w/ Johnny and all.
All of us discussing JtHM, Squee!, Happy Noodle Boy, etc.,
plus Ian and I, that was fun. Too bad there was double
security though. Now I'm in NC visiting. I'm supposed to
take my permit test tomorrow. I've been studying too. It's
funny I keep checking Tim's diary but he's not posting. I
wonder if he checks mine. No matter. 5:4. And none of it
meant anything significant! It's so liberating and fun.
Except that one, where there was nothing, but I think
that's because there was no attraction. It was really like
a dare, me and Steph. ANd this Halloween party. Eric,
Becky, and I are planning a halloween party at Eric's on
the 26th and it'll be so much fun. I already went through
our Halloween stuff and we've been talking to people and it
seems like everything will go well. Unless Patrick was
serious about bringing Joe as a friend. THAT could very
well blow up in my face. He hates me so much. I hope if he
comes he doesn't ruin it for me because that bodes ill for
the rest of the year. I want to enjoy Samhain (or at least the
weekend before!) and its celebrations. I don't need judging.