Why be Ordinary ?
2002-10-06 15:20:01 (UTC)


This really sucks! The only feelings that i'm feeling
lately are feelings of lonelyness i fell like no one can
ever understand what i'm feeling i sourrounded by people
who care about me but i still feel alone.Tomorrow my older
brother leaves for the army,he's the one in my family i
dont mind being arround and i usually have fun and stay out
of trouble with him.I really miss my boyfriend too. He's in
California but i only have to wait one more week, this has
felt like the longest month and 1/2 i've ever had to
wait.And i'm scared that he mad at me 'cus we haven't
talked in a few days,maybe he's just busy,i always get
paranoid that people don't like me. I talked to my
psychology teacher friday and she listened to my problems
and from what she says im in a state of depression. Thats
another spify thing to add to my list of problems. I cant
help it i'm a perfectionist who is far far far from perfect
my problem is being able to accept that i'm not perfect i
wanna do everything right and be good at everything i do.
I get so dissapointed when i do even a little thing i would say i'm really messed up at this point.
But like everyone else tells me it can only get better.