Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-10-06 14:02:35 (UTC)

Pretty funky weeeeekend...

Let's seeee... what did i doo this weeekend...

Ohh yah i worked all weekend... **sigh** Seeeems like
every weeekend i work... and... i did work every weekend
since i started working at the store... But.. next week...
ohhh baby... I go 5 days off... welll.... i'm off from
Thursday to Tuesday... REason being is that i where i
work... if you work 10 weeks in a row at 40 hours every
week.. you'll become automatically full time and the store
would owe me 1 or 2 dollar for every hour i worked since i
started... sooo that's about 800 $.. hehe Sooo that is the
reason i only get 24 hours that weeek...

Not sure what i'll be doing for thanksgiving... maybe
i'll call my sisters and we'll plan something together if
they have something planned... and of course i'll call my
dad... maybe i'll buy 1 of them big Turkey's... =P

Lately i've been feeling kinda withdrawled.. I havent
talked to either my sisters nor my dad in maybe 2 weeks...
I dont really know why.. but, it's a fact... Most likely
next Thursday on my day off i'll grab the bus down to
Chelmsford and will spend a day at my dads place with him
and my youngest sister... who is like 20 or 21... hehe

I've beeen trying to save up to buy a new computer cause
this one is about due to be recycled.. but i found it kinda
hard to save up some money with the job i am working right
now.. Hopefully money will start falling from the sky.. If
only i could win the lotto.. =P I also though that maybe
i'll look into getting a webcam.. I've got a new friend on
Icq who has a webcam, and it looks awesome... hehe

Had a rough night at work.. sooo i'm gonna take a nice
long bath to cooold down.. then head to bed.. Ohh yah... i
neeed to buy a few WARM blankets... cause it's getting
pretty cold here since the last few days.... You just dont
want to go outside for fear of getting nippleities... lol

Goood night or for you normal peeps.. Goood day.. =)