brannie's life
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2002-10-06 12:17:35 (UTC)

damn being awake

it's 5 am, what the hell am i doing awake? i've been
telling myself for the last 2 hours, while my lazy ass has
been laying in bed that i should be asleep, and that the
only reason i'm not is because the temperature in my
crappy apartment is way too stuffy. if i was home alone
right now, i'd so be naked.

but that's not it. it's this damn thing i call a concious
that's keeping me awake. i want to scream and yell at
myself for being so incredibly blonde the last year and a
bit, not smelling the roses before they died on me, and
getting my life more in order. but the truth is, i
procrastinate, and don't like to hurt people. if that's
the order i do them in or not, i don't know, but it about
sums me up.

i'm really beginning to wonder if i have this big tattoo
on my head that everyone else but me can see. i tend to
attract losers, people who don't have any common sense,
and think that there's nothing i want more than to be
offered sex, and to be a playtoy. get a life, bugger off,
leave me alone. i'm bitchy. i probably don't even like
you, let alone want to speak with you. you annoy me on a
regular basis. if you're looking for an easy lay, go to
hastings, or king george, or somewhere other than where i
am. piss off you assholes. *hiss* go find someone else to
play with, i'm not in the mood.

right now, i probably don't like you. i'm not too sure
who 'you' pertains to, but you'd know if i didn't like
you. i don't think i like anyone, aside from my cat and my
roomate at this moment. and even the cat is debatable
right now. i think, seeings how the little shit is sound
asleep in my roomate's bed, imma gonna take a few asprin
and try and get some sleep...