Day to Day
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2001-07-31 14:17:06 (UTC)

high @ work @ 10:00 AM

ok, well it's Tuesday, and I'm at work, this sucks! But
whatever, this whole thing about trying to stay away from
Jeff for a few days is killing me!!! I havn't wrote or
really talked to him in two days. He called me at the
concert but I couldn't hear him and I think he got
frustrated and hung up, havn't heard from him since.
Did I mention nething about the Tim Mcgraw concert I went
to? If i did already I'm sorry but I tend to forget things.
Whatever though, it was great, it was weird being at a
country concert but it did kick ass and he is hot, yep yep.
Country boys are a good thing, tight jeans, farmers tan,
cowboy hats, yee haw, haha. I'll write later . . .
. . . ok, I'm back, it's like 3:40 or so, still at work, I'm not high
nemore, : (, whatever though, me and my boss went out to lunch, it
was nice. She is sweet, and we both hate the "head honcho", he is a
shady rich bastard, whatever though.
I emailed Jeff, I don't really know why, I mean I just want to be
with someone right now, and I don't have the time or energy to try
and get him to just notice me and want me. It is all up to him now.
Last night, my friend Tom wanted me to go to a party with him and his
friends, but I said no because I thought Jeff might call, did he,
nope! I am letting this turn into Brandon all over again, where a guy
becomes my world, that sux! But with Jeff, I just don't want to lose
him, in any way, he is my best friend, and I have never had this much
trust in 1 person. I'm not saying I'm in love with him or nething,
but I do love him, like a best friend, but I think I have already
lost him altogether. But we will just have to see . . . I'll write
later. -brit

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