2001-07-31 14:06:02 (UTC)

My life is so damn boring!and..

My life is so damn boring!and that's why I created an
online diary!I mena it's the same routine every day! I wake
up, eat breakfast, get online, try to find something
exciting to do... which never happens, take a shower and
get dressed! there is absolutly nothing to do in "Flag City
U.S.A."! I hate it! The only good thing about to happen to
me is that im moving in with my dad 'cause my mom is a
bitch and doesn't want another responsibility in her life!
that's alright I'm glad to be moving! It's a whole new
experiance. Im gona be going in to a new school as a freshy
and so no one will really have their little "groups" to
hang with. The only downfall to moving is trying to find
out what group to hang with, I refuse to become a geek and
I don't realy enjoy hangin out with all the little prissy
girls who only care about their looks, Hopefully I'll find
just the right click for me...
I know that no one really cares about me moving and going
to DCHS but I have no life and nothing to right about so if
you don't really want to read it then DON'T! I mean whoever
is reading this must also have a pretty damn boring life.