Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
2001-07-31 14:00:16 (UTC)


I have not written in a while but I have been soooo
busy!!!! Well On sunday me and my sister sang in church
both services. We got sooo many copliments!!!! Everyone
loved it! The second service i was not nervouse at all and
i think we did way better that service too!~ one guy even
said that we were the best entertainment this church has
ever had!!! Thats a pretty good compliment! I am now
offically going out with Jake. We started going out on his
birthday!!!!So that was cool!! He is a grade older than me
but i think we can work things out.. ( i hope so anyway)
Let me see... I have been busy with the beach friends and
church activites so thats good.. at least i am not sitting
at home doing nothing. Well i did like yesterday or
something but thats okay cuz i played b-ball and jumped on
our trampoline. Anyway.. My life has been hectic this
summer!!!! Goll... this thursday i go to my dads which will
be very boring!!! AHHHH!!!! O i forgot to tell you that we
got the internet at my house!!! YESS!!!!!!! WEll i got to
go now okay!!! I will write later!!!