The Communist Corner
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2002-10-06 09:19:48 (UTC)

Another Friday Night

Once again, Friday night was awesome.
Alecia, Alex, Nic, me and Ashleigh, we all went to the
MU... Ashleigh left early though. It was soo much fun! I
was freezing cold though, *Because Anne didn't go and she
had my sweatshirt*, but is all good, Nic kept me warm.
I could tell he wanted to kiss me, but I dunno, I didn't
want to, felt a lil wrong. It was basically our
first "date"... wasn't a date though. Heh. We were laying
down together, and I kept thinkin to myself, should I tell
him? Because a coupel days back he asked me if there was
anything he needed to know about me, but of course i didn't
mention this. When I finally got the guts to actually tell
him, I just looked upat him, and told him "You remeember
when we were talking online and you asked me if there was
ne thing you needed to know about me, well I didn't want
totell you this, but I used to be suicidal a couple years
ago,and that's why I cut myself now." He kidn of just
looked atme, and was like "You're over that though, right?"
and I just didn't say anything. Then he goes "Promise me
you wont do that anymore" I couldnt say anything.. because
Iknew I just can't promise that to him.. I just turned my
head back down..almost broke down and cried. He started
rubbin my back though, which just made me more teary eyed.
It sucked...
I'm gonna see him again today, should be fun.
Kevin, well, he's coming down in about a week. I'm still
going out with Nic,and he doesn't knwo if he should really
come down or not. I really think he should. I need to see
him. Fucking webcam shit isn't working anymore.
Can't take this shit anymore...


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