2001-07-31 13:34:42 (UTC)

July 31, 2001

Well, today is Dee's birthday. We are suppose to be getting
a room tonite and we might ride to Warner Robins. I'm
really looking forward to it. Anyway, the main reason I
wanted to start a diary on the computer is because things
are getting a little too personal for my real diary. Okay,
I've decided that I want to have sex with Leroy. Friday, I
went to his house and we started something that I really
wish we would have finished. It's the fartherest we've ever
gotten and I didn't want it to stop. But anyway, his
brother told me last nite that he thinks Leroy and Scoop
broke up! I'm not sure if I should believe it or not, but
in some ways I hope it's true. But then again, it's kinda
messed up. From what Carson told me...they didn't end on
good terms. But knowing how Leroy is, I think they will be
back together before we know it. I just see it being that
way. But hopefully I will get to see him tonite. I
certainly want to finish what we started! I don't know. If
he really did break up with her, then I wonder how he would
come at me. It's like I would totally understand if he
didn't want to do anything because of his heartache.
Really, just his presence alone makes me content. So, we
really don't have to do anything....just as long as he's by
me. But I guess I will write more another time. I gots to
go to work. *J*