Life of Nevadagirl
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2002-10-06 06:45:55 (UTC)

why can't i get it right..,100502

well its saturday night, G called last nite and of course
we fought , he doesn t trust me i think, and i guess he
shouldn t. A called last nite and came over with some
people, c, h, s, o. then o left and c came. ??? anyway, A
is this guy i met a while ago, and i like him enough but i
am so confused with everything, that i have no idea what i
am thinking,
i cannot even get it right, i cannot stay pure and its
driving me crazy, i wish i never wanted intimacy, it is a
very difficult thing for me, it is how i relate to guys,
and it is wrong, and i am not strong at all, i think this
is a major issue and more than stumbling alone
what am i going to do?
i made out with a last nite like major make out, i was all
caliente, i didnt want that in my life, man i am really
going to have trouble with this, i just know it, i want to
do good,
i dont know what to do, i dont even think sometimes but
just do what i know i shouldnt, i dont know if i will ever
be strong enough to make it right.....