I am a goddess
2001-07-31 13:04:41 (UTC)

Little miss innocent

Innocence what exactly is it?
It is defined in the dictionary as being The state,
quality, or virtue of being innocent, as:

a)Freedom from sin, moral wrong, or guilt through lack of
knowledge of evil.

b)Guiltlessness of a specific legal crime or offense.

c)Freedom from guile, cunning, or deceit; simplicity or

d)Lack of worldliness or sophistication; naivetE

e)Lack of knowledge or understanding; ignorance.

f)Freedom from harmfulness; inoffensiveness.

Innocence; people say i am very innocent, very naive but
when reading the dictionaries view of innocence, i realise
that i am not innocent. People merely percieve me as being
so. A perception of innocence is great. you have the added
protection of people thinking that i couldn't possibly have
done that, i'm too good. Heh heh! I have always maintained
that the most quiet person is truly the most evil, causes
the most problems, i think the same can be said about the
innocnet looking. They ahve the more reason to misbehave as
people would not ever suspect them.

Well heres to looking innocent!