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2002-10-06 04:55:17 (UTC)


i'm in alpharetta right now. i had to come down cause
cherie'had softball tournaments. they didn't do to well
either they won 2 out of 5 so needless to say they didn't
get a trophie to take back to school.

i haven't wrote in here in a long time!

a lot has happened...let's see. i made the advisory board
for EXPOZ that's what we decided to name it. if you live in
GA you will porbably be hearing od it soon. i went to a
training conference last sat. and i met some of the
greatest people how are on the board with me. it was so
much fun.

school is going really good. i'm making good grades 3 a's
and one b so i hope i can keep in up and improve.

guy's hmmm.... i don't really think i like any still i'm
thinking about some, though there's not many who are
actually worth anything.

yearbook is really fun! so are all my other classes.

we're moved in all the way now but we still have no
internet. they don't offer it where we live do someone has
to come a hook it up to our house.

i talked to brittani a couple nights ago. she and Jared
Tate are together she sounded so happy i don't think i've
ever sound her that happy before.i'm so happy she's happy.

well i think i'm going to go now ig anything happens i'll
have to hunt down a computer and write in here.