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2002-10-06 04:49:21 (UTC)

and all youll want is mmeeee

so i just had an awesome fucking night.
and i didnt really do anything
so that makes it that much better =) =) =)

alli is a really cool girl. i just had like so much fun.
lol. it was crazy. asking directions at mcdonalds drive-
thurs and shit lol. going to a highschool homecomming.
LOL. that was pretty interesting.
"um. you guys look cool."
ha. nice pick up line boys.
its so funny whenever i go out with her we both get hit on
so much lol. its crazyiness.
even a pregnet woman hit on us tonight.
rock on. that adds a new one to the list heheehe.
god. im in such a good mood =) brand new ani cd all loud
and bass-like in her car. i danced. i dont dance. =)
good times man.
its what life is about =)
fo' real.


i saw CHRIS tonight. just how fucking weird is that. dude
i havent seen that kid in about a year i dont think.
crazy. he moved. he lives in orlando now. downtown. it was
SO WEIRD. we pulled into downtown disney and i looked over
at the car next to us and i was like HOLY SHIT CHRIS and
ha. weird.
so after circling the parking lot a thousand times he
finally found us and we talked for a min.
hes supposed to call me tomorrow.
great time to talk shit about christina =) lol. im such a
bitch. im really just kidding though. maybe. hm. well see
how i feel tomorrow.
thats cool though, id like to be close to him again.
he used to be like my big brother, you know.

hot cheerleader girl called me tonight.
and she wanted to hang out.
i was asleep when i talked to her and i didnt remember she
had called at ALL until i was already out.
so i fucked that one up.
but, ill call her tomorrow if i dont hear from chris.
if not ill see her mon anyway so whatever.
she has the possibility of being a good friend.
she was like "um yeah so i wanted to do something. cuz i
never go out. and i kinda wanted to tonight. but i dont
like anyone. and so i didnt want to hang out with anyone i
normally do. so i called you cuz you dont suck. so...yeah."
she wanted to go bowling.
how terribly adorable.
i suck for not calling her. shes a good girl. i should
really call her tomorrow.
if i remember.

hm what else...

oh i dont even know.
tonight was just awesome.
i havent just gone out and had fun here in orlando with my
friends in a really long motherfucking time.

and its good. you know.

its good to be reminded that even as much as i hate this
there are some good thing to be said about it.
like tonight.
i mean, yeah. some of these people for good or bad, they
know me.
and i needed that. =)

you know youre in a good mood when youre smiling and
laughing all the way through ani's grey.