files of the weenie kid
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2002-10-06 04:40:56 (UTC)

i almost died.

LIFE IN GENERAL: I love Charley and Ruben. Why, you ask?
Earlier tonight we were driving to Stockton, and something
bad happened to del's car, we're not sure what happened
yet, but it caught on fire and something blew out while we
were on the freeway, and when me and del started freaking
out, They hecka clamed us down, made sure we were OKAY, and
they saved our lives. They are the awesomest guys in the
world,I love them!!! They are staying the night, Ruben's
playing my drums, and Charley and Eric are playing video
today was a fun day, we watched our guys play football and
then went to Courtney's birthday party, it was fun. It's
wierd, I'm all emotional!! I was crying so hard after when
my mom was driving us home, and we were talking about how
proud we were of Charley for being so brave, and I was
crying so hard!! I'm weird!, But I'm just so glad I'm alive!

LOVE LIFE: Well, honestly I still have no love life....but
I have a feeling I might get one soon... I don't know why.
Well, actually I do. But there's a lot of people here, so I
will write all about it later. BYE BYE!

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