Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-10-06 04:27:36 (UTC)

I'm Back!!!

Uhh i havent writin in a long time oopz. ok herre it
goes... about a month ago i started goin out with dis guy
named cody 3 weekz lata i broke up wit him now i think i
want him back.im now wit dis guy named jason he seemz like
da playa type. i dont trust him. i think cody mite have
been da better boyfriend. i still have some feelings 4 zane
raytown round up dayz wuz about a week ago tiffany claimed
she wuz gonna kick muh ass. ha. she left before we got da
chance to fight.skool is stupid. i am serving my I.S.S's
rite now dont ask my teacherz a bitch! volleyball is shit!
i have only played one game. aint dat a bitch? hmm n e
thing else?homecoming is next weekend i guess im going with
jason?? i dunno. in conclusion, my name is laura and jason
is my problem??

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