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2001-07-31 10:20:10 (UTC)

I hate the news

Im sitting here drinking coffee, listening to the news.
There was a stabbing in Manchester, The mother who drown
her five kids is pleading insanity (Id like to go at the
bitch with a metal bat, uuhh throw her husband in there
too, just for the hell of it)...lots of bad news. Nice way
to start a morning, no?

Just reminds me of how fucked up the world is.

I had a nice shower, the hot water just drizzling down my
body, taking away my pain,the tears. My body is so sore
from this stress. When I get upset like I did last night my
body just gets so tense. Probably cause I shake so much and
hyperventalate, my chest hurts.

Im feeling good now, tired, but really relaxed. I cant wait
to go to the beach today and talk with my Twisted Sista.
Time for some girl talk, just chill at the beach and get
some sun on my amish ass. okay I have a little color but
not as much as Id like.

I just need today to be as less stressful as possible.