~*~Day Dreamer~*~

Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-07-31 08:58:05 (UTC)

whats that??


well tonight has been an ok night could have been better.
me and star was sitting on the couch playong with some
string and the light truned on and then back off kind of
like a flicker and then we stared to hear thumping noises
in the coner of the room by the light, it was soo soo
freakey. man i am so tired righth now to afried to go to
bed, i am starting to get a red rash going down my arm and
i dont know what it is and i dont want to wake up my momor
dad cause they would get mad. well i am mad at my mom and
dad at this time anyways, i have a poem that was going to
be put in a book and i needed my mom or dads sign it and
they dint and they never sent it off, so another poem that
was going to be put in a book. well i really dont know what
else to say this this thig is so lame no one ever reads
them and i dont know why i want soemone or who ever to know
about my poor pity little life. well i am going to be
goping for now yeah i might write back in a bit cause there
is nothing better to do on line any more.


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