Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-10-06 02:41:17 (UTC)

I want make me happy...(lol)

Ugh, life sucks, and then you
I need MONEYYYYYYY, I want to experience the pleasure of
going out and BUYYYYIIINNNGGGGG something on a
WHIMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! My budget is tighter than ....., errrr,
never mind.......sheesh, why can't...., why can't..., oh,
never mind, that path is useless......sheesh.........

To pick a more useful path should then be my major point of
focus then, eh? (I just learned that???)

Well, if you really must know, money has been around for the
longest time as a means of exchange between goods and services.
If I want an item, I exchange currency, from which I have
earned through labor, working for another company, who is
also exchanging their services for money... It just goes
round and round, like precipitation does in the fall (and
all the other seasons)... So I ask, why not just take out
the rating of the relative worth of goods and services and
just acquire things on merit? Yah, I'm dreamin'....