Black Phoenix
2002-10-06 02:40:34 (UTC)

Other Side

I do have a thought today.

Love is the driving force behind so many things, so many
happy people. Love allows us to throw those away which are
not worthy of it, and to control those who are. Love is, no
doubt, a strong emotion. But I wonder, how long does love
last? Forever? No, it doesn't. People love, they forget
about each other, and they stop loving. They love, are
betrayed, and they hate.

I could say that hate lives forever, but it doesn't. Up
until now I thought so, but then I remembered something:
forgiveness. People forgive each other, and they stop
hating. Theys top hating that person. If you were to stop
hating everyone, though, you would have to forgive
everyone. You would have to have confidence that they have
changed. That they will no longer commit the acts that
brought up the said emotion. Humanity would have to change
to be forgiven.

So, love? Love lasts until it is swept away by the torrent
of betrayal, deciet and selfishness. Hate lasts until they
change. Which is stronger, I wonder? For me, I hate nearly
everything. I love no one. Love has been offered, and love
has been rejected. Hate is brought upon me without fail,
and it is that that fuels my outlook upon this pitiful
existance we have made for ourselves. But I wonder, would
it be different for another? I can't imagine. I don't want
to. Those who love are weak, vulnerable to the more
agressive feeling of hate.

And so the scars accumulate.

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