Yes this is my kool diary!
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2002-10-06 02:40:29 (UTC)

what a night!!!!?????

ok last night really sucked ass! i got in a big fight with
jesse! i was throwing things at him b/c he was being an ass
then he dragged me across the floor with my ankle and gave
me rug burn on my back what the fuck? does he want me to
have a fucking miscarrige or something? then tonight he is
souppose to go to his friends house and he says i cant go!
what the hell! he says i only want to go because i cant
trust him! no thats not the reason it is because i have
nothing elese to do. now i wonder if i can trust him.
i was like let me go, he said why wont you call jason and
see if he wants to do anything? what the fuck? why cant i
go with him? he says i dont know if she wants you to come.
im like im your girl friend i should be able to go where
ever i want with you but he keeps saying it is rude to just
show up with me. i just dont understand what his problem is
with me going? well im finshed writing for the night.

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