True confessions of the curly headed gir
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2002-10-06 02:32:12 (UTC)


Well, Jeff is totally out of the picture. I don't like him
like that anymore. I have been getting sick of everyone
and everything at my damn school! The people seem so
immature and the school sucks! I'm even getting sick of
most of my friends. There are a few exceptions to that
ofcourse. Ani and Irene seem to be the only "real"
people. Everyone else just seems fake or not up to
my "friendship standards". I just need to get out and do
something! And George, man is he pissing me off! He's the
co-president of this club FLA, and a friend of mine. I
wanted to be Vice prez, but he and Nick,the other co-prez,
are doing interviews. I told George that if I didn't get
V.P. I'd quit the club because I spend so much time helping
them before and after school with posters advertising the
club before it was even Popular. That makes sense, right?
He said he wasn't picking favorites, but he was if he chose
me to help out, right? Grrr, I hate guys with power, they
just think they own the world. Halloween! Yes!
I have an Ear surgery on tuesday, my 6th set of tubes. I
hate hospitals, they make me so nervous. Well, gotta go.