Random Thoughts, Fun Times, and General
2001-07-31 08:45:46 (UTC)

July 30, 2001 -- Happy Birthday Fallon

Ok, so today is my sister's 19th birthday. I'm kinda
bummed 'cause I couldn't be back home with her and my
family like I was LAST summer during this time, but what
can I do, ya know?

Like I said before, she turned 19. Honestly, that is the
epitome of a useless birthday. Save the babble about it
being the last year you're a teenager. The point is that
it's in the No Man's Land of all celebrations. Think about you're is that special?

Smoking, voting, playing the lottery or (most importantly)
getting into titty/cock bars?: Could do that at 18.

Drinking (legally) or gambling: 21.

Renting a car: 25.

Being 19 is such a slap in the face. Too old for discounts
(even though most 19 year olds I know are poor college kids
or just poor) but too young to drown their midterm sorrows
in a pint down at the local college bar.

I'll be 21 in 229 days. Damn skippy I'm excited. My
family lives in Vegas! Plus, my birthday is the week
before Spring Break. If you do not know what I'll be doing
that entire week, it should look something like this:
sleep, wake up, eat, go to casino, drink and gamble, bitch
about losing money, go home, go to clubs, get plastered,
throw up (this part is optional), go home, sleep. Rinse
and repeat this for about 7 days.

After that, what do I have to look forward to? Being 22?
What's the point? Being 30? Yeah, so I can complain about
being old, the gray hairs I find, and the impending loss of
my figure from motherhood (if I haven't already). Being
40? Congratulations, you're halfway dead!

I figure all there is to look forward is being 65. That
way, you can collect social security while playing golf all
day in super ugly plaid polyester pants (that you bought at
Ross on Senior Citizens Discount Day). Also, your movies
are damn near free, which is good 'cause my hearing and
sight will prolly suck anyways. The only downside is that
the candles could technically be a fire hazard...I'll have
to call the fire marshal and find out.