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Principles of Feng Shui...

Basic Principles

Preparing Your Floor Plan

The Nine Bagua Areas

Placing Your Feng Shui Objects

Decorating In The Feng Shui Manner (Uses of Color and their

25 Love and Marriage Boosters

25 Health Boosters

25 Wealth Boosters

25 Career Boosters

Basic Principles

The following Feng Shui principles will enhance, energize
and change your life. If you’re ready and willing, Feng
Shui will catapult you right into your dreams and desires.

When you Feng Shui your home or work place, you’re telling
the Universe (or God, Buddha, Allah or whatever greater
power you feel connected to) exactly what you want in your
life. You are making a very powerful statement, indeed.

Prepare yourself: Whenever we say the words “I am,” we are
making a statement about who we are at that precise moment.

When you make statements such as “I am broke” or “I am
tired” or “I am sick and tired,” you are – in effect –
telling the universe about your current condition. When
you say you’re sick and tired, guess what? You’ll literally
become sick and tired!

You’ve heard statements like “what you think about, you
bring about,” and “what you do comes back to you.” These
statements are true.

We say these words and we understand them, although most of
us don’t actually practice the concepts. A large part of
the success of Feng Shui comes from your intention and your
consistent attention. Positive energy does, in fact,
attract positive energy.

Instead of being negative, say affirmations such as, “I am
blessed” or “I am healthy” or “I am wealthy” or “I am
happily married” or simply, “I am happy.”

These kinds of statements empower you to be something other
than who you are at the moment. The power of intention and
the power of faith can motivate you to your greatest

If you’re ready to let go of your old negative beliefs,
Feng Shui will create a method for that to happen. It will
provide a way to overcome the blockage that’s keeping more
positive things from happening.

Don’t allow yourself to spend any time thinking about what
you don’t want to happen. Remember: Positive energy is
attracted to positive energy.

For example, if you dwell on heartache and poverty, you’ll
experience heartache and poverty. Spend your time being
grateful, and in no time, money, gifts and treasures of all
kinds will come from the most unexpected places.

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Preparing Your Floor Plan:

Before you can begin to Feng Shui your environment, you
need to apply what’s called that Bagua (pronounced bog wa)
Map. The Bagua hails from the I Ching, or Book of Changes,
a thousands-year-old book of wisdom and divination.

The Bagua represents the eight building blocks of life –
health, love, wealth, career, wisdom, reputation, children
and helpful people plus the center area of chi (pronounced
chee). You need to apply the Bagua Map to your home and/or
each room or office you plan to Feng Shui.

First, you need to look at the basic structure of your home.

There are four basic house shapes – square, rectangle, L-
shaped and U-shaped. In Western Feng Shui, the goal is to
turn the dwelling into a square or rectangle.

On a large sheet of paper, draw a sketch of the home you
wish to Feng Shui. Include any areas that just out, such
as a garage, a breakfast nook or a greenhouse. Make note
of any areas that cut into what would make a perfect square
or rectangle, such as an alcove or nook.

Note where each room is when you make your drawing. All
areas under a common roof are considered part of the
house. And note where the front door is located.

If you live in a U-shaped or L-shaped home, you will need
to make some adjustments.

L-shaped and U-shaped homes:

If you live in an L-shaped or U-shaped home, chances are,
you’re not fully experiencing some area of your life. The
goal of Feng Shui is to restore balance and harmony, and
one of the ways you can do this is by completing the
square. The Bagua Map on page 21 will show you how the
missing areas in your home compare to the missing
opportunities in your life.

U-shaped homes are missing an area in the front of the
house of the back that corresponds to the Fame and
Reputation or Career Areas.

To overcome the missing areas, you can build an arbor in
the space, landscape with large potted trees or add a
sculpture or windchimes. This will help symbolically “fill
in” the missing area.

Completing the square: In order to complete your square,
you’ll fill in any area missing from your L-shaped or U-
shaped drawing with dotted lines so you create a complete
square. If you already have a rectangle or square home,
you don’t need to do anything to complete your drawing.

Once your house sketch is in the form of a square or
rectangle, divide it into nine parts. Split the length
into thirds, then split the width into thirds.

That is all that is required in sketching your own plan.
Now you’re ready to begin the process of Feng Shui’ing your
home or work space.

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The Nine Bagua Areas are:

Career: This area obviously refers to your job, but it can
also mean the passage of life.

Wisdom & Knowledge: This area represents learning,
knowledge or study.

Health & Family: This area represents physical and
emotional health. It also represents your ancestors,
current family, friends and co-workers.

Wealth: This area represents money and anything else that
makes you feel “wealthy” or blessed.

Fame & Reputation: This area represents how the world sees

Love & Marriage: This area represents personal
relationships, such as those between husband and wife,
business partners and good friends.

Children & Creativity: This area represents children,
current projects or anything creative.

Helpful People: This area represents relationships with
people other than you intimate family and friends, such as
a stranger who touched your life a mentor at work, your
priest, rabbi (or other spiritural guide)

Center or Chi: This area harmonizes all the areas
together. It represents health and longevity and is the
center of the Bagua. It should be as uncluttered as

You determine the Bagua of the home by the location of the
front door. Apply your map with ths Wisdom and Knowledge,
Career and Helpful People Areas placed along the wall that
contains your front door. The other six areas will follow
from there.

Here is a step-by-step guide to applying the Bagua Map to
your home, room, office or property:

Step 1: Make a plan of your house or room. Finish off any
missing areas to form a square. Write in the names of the
rooms on your plan.

Step 2: Divide your floor plan into nine equal squares.
Your front door or entrance must be on the baseline on the
Bagua map.

Step 3: Either stand or imagine yourself at your open front
door. Fill in all areas of your home with the areas
represented by the Bagua.

Step 4: Now you know which rooms in your home relate to the
various Feng Shui areas. If, for example, your bathroom is
in the Wealth Area, you could be flushing your money down
the toilet, so to speak! (Keeping the lids eliminates that
problem.) You need to take steps to improve this area.

If you have two or more floors, the areas and rooms on each
story correspond to each other.

If, for example, your kitchen is in the far left corner
downstairs and there is a bedroom above, both rooms are in
your Wealth Areas.

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Placing Your Feng Shui Objects

As you follow the Bagua set-up of your rooms you should
acknowledge each room with some type of symbolic

As you place your representational object in your room (or
office or garden), place it with conscious intention. Be
clear of mind and state aloud what this object represents
to you.

If you’re looking to strengthen your marriage, for example,
you can place a statue of two doves in your Love and
Marriage Area, which is the back right section of your home
or room. As you place the statue you’ll say out
loud, “These two doves symbolize that my marriage
to_______is fulfilling, nurturing, supportive and loving.”

That is what I mean by placing your object with conscious
intention. You must clearly state what it is you want out
of the relationship.

If you’re looking for a new career, place a wonderful
letter of reference your boss wrote, for example, in your
Career Area. As you place it say, “I have endless choices
and I am uniquely qualified for the job.”

Acknowledge each separate Bagua areas in your home. Use as
many Feng Shui enhancements as you want.

In your Wealth Area, you might want to hang a round clear
crystal on a red cord (to bounce positive energy all
around the room). The red cord strongly represents
wealth. On a table place a bowl filled with coins. Add a
few red candles here and there and perhaps a framed photo
of yourself looking prosperous (maybe on your last trip to
Las Vegas.)

In the Love and Marriage corner of your bedroom, place your
wedding picture, some flowering plants, a book of love
poems, anything that represents romance.

One Room At A Time

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself in the process of
creating a positive Feng Shui environment. If you bring
about change gradually you have a much better chance of
success – and an easier time of ensuring that success.
Once you’ve reached that goals you set in one or two areas,
you can begin enhancing other areas of your life that need
a boost.

Your Property

When you’re enhancing a specific room or your whole
property, divide it into nine sections. When you face your
property from the street, the Wealth Area of the lot is the
far left corner, the Career Area of the lot would be front
and center of your property.

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Decorating In The Feng Shui Manner

Let’s start with color: What colors you choose to use in
your home and office will have a deep and powerful impact
on you. Surrounding yourself with a wide variety of colors
is a good way to balance the Chi – or energy – in your

You can make positive changes by using certain colors in
your décor. Each of the nine Bagua areas (including the
center which represents the Chi) has a specific color that
relates to it.

For example, your Wealth Area colors are red, blue and
purple. Consider painting your rear left room a vibrant
shade of blue. If that room is a bedroom, you might want
to use a deep rich purple bedspread or comforter.

If your kitchen is in the center of your house, or in the
Chi area, paint it a vibrant, sunny yellow and accessorize
with muted earth tones.

Enhance your marriage or love life by placing pink, red or
white flowers in the rear right corner of your bedroom.
Even better, place a picture of you and your mate in a pink
frame and place white or red candles in the area.

The possibilities of how to incorporate Feng Shui colors
into décor are limited only by your imagination.

One thing to keep in mind is that color associations vary
by culture and society.

Red, for example, is associated with danger in the United
States. In China, though, it is the color of celebration.
We in the West consider black the color of mourning; in the
East, it’s used to represent the flow of prosperity.

Here is a list of each Bagua Area and its corresponding


Career Black, Blue & Brown
Wisdom Black, Blue & Green
Health & Family Blue & Green
Wealth Blue, Red & Purple
Reputation & Fame Red
Love & Marriage Red, Pink & White
Creativity & Children White & Pastels
Helpful People White, Gray & Black
Center or Chi Yellow & Earth Tones

Meaning Of Colors:

Color: Meaning:
Red Attraction, Warmth, Strength
Note: Red also represents energy. Too much can “flare up”
an argument; use it sparingly.

Green Health, Potential
Purple Spiritual guidance
Yellow Energy, Life
Black Mood, Perception
Note: too much black can be draining; use it sparingly.

Pink Love, Romance

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25 Love and Marriage Boosters

The Love and Marriage Areas are located in the far right
rear corner of your lot, home and rooms.

In this room or space, place objects in pairs in order to
represent you desire to have a loving and supportive
relationship. Don’t place three objects here – it could
say you’re interested in having three people in your
marriage! The colors are red, pink and white.


Remove or cover large mirrors in the bedroom if you don’t
sleep well or if you argue there.
Place a pair of objects – such as two swans or two cranes,
animals that mate for life – in the far right rear corner
of the bedroom. These objects represent a successful
Place the bed where you have the biggest and best view of
the room when you’re in bed. It is best for your
relationship if the bed is not in a direct line with the
Treat yourself to fresh flowers and replace them often.
Flowers say romance, and you want that romantic energy
around you when you’re attracting a mate and then forever
Your bed should be accessible from at least two sides if
you want to attract a partner.
Use fabrics that are soft to the touch. Add mood lighting
to set up a more romantic and sensual atmosphere.
Remove any object in the bedroom that remind you of your
work. If you have to keep your computer or workbench here,
disguise it with screens or curtains.
Remove any morose or scary artwork from the bedroom. Here
you want to create a safe, peaceful and fantasy-like
setting. Bedrooms are for sleeping and making love. Scary
or violent objects such as swords or guns encourage
fighting and war-like dreams.
Remove pictures of your family or kids from the master
bedroom. Otherwise, you may feel as if you’re being
watched while you and your mate are making love.
Paint or wallpaper one or more of the walls in the bedroom
a soft, romantic color such as beige, pink or peach to
encourage warm and loving feelings.
Remove any and all items from under the bed. Clutter here
can lead to squabbling and disagreements with your partner.
Place two red candles in the far right corner of your
bedroom. Light them every night for a few minutes to
ignite the spark of romance.
Use beads or fabric as an alternative to doors. They
enhance your sense of sight as well as your sense of
touch. And they’ll give you a feeling of romance.
Include the romance colors in your bedroom – shades of red,
pink and white. But it’s best not to use a red bedspread
because red can ignite anger as well as passion. Remember;
A little red goes a long way.
Move any exercise equipment out of your bedroom. The
equipment could make you feel that you constantly have to
work at having a good relationship.
Make the first impression upon entering your home a warm,
welcoming one. Place a welcoming object, such as a large
vase and flowers or a welcome sign, in the far right-hand
corner of whatever room you enter from the street.
Plant two of something – such as two fruit trees – in the
right hand corner of your backyard. This will symbolize a
fruitful love and marriage.
If planting two fruit-bearing trees isn’t possible, you can
place a table with two chairs or a gazebo in the area. You
and your mate can enjoy romantic dinners by candlelight or
moonlight. Fresh flowers in a couple of pots can also be
placed in this area.
If you are single, make a list of what qualities your ideal
mate should have. Is he or she funny, gentle, romantic,
financially independent? Is he or she artistic or
creative? Does he or she want children? Decide what you
want, and make your list.
If you’re single, buy yourself a gift that symbolizes a
future relationship. Place it in a prominent place in your
home and every time you pass it, visualize yourself meeting
your perfect mate.
Place two red hearts in one of your Love and Marriage
Areas. This will enhance your present relationship or it
could help you to find a new and exciting one.
If your bathtub is in the far right corner of your
bathroom, use waterproof items to represent you and your
mate. You can use matching bathrobes or two rubber ducks.
The kitchen is the heart and soul of a family. To
represent a happy relationship in your kitchen, place
paired items, such as two red canisters, a vase on the
table with two red or pink flowers in it, matching salt and
pepper shakers or two flowering plants in red or pink.
If you’re single, set your dining room table for two.
Light two candles. Visualize your mate sitting across the
table from you as the two of you enjoy your meal.
Place your couch in a location so the back of the sofa is
not facing the door. You’ll feel more comfortable if you
don’t need to look over your shoulder to see what’s going
on behind you. This will enhance your feeling of security
which is very important if you want security in a
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25 Health Boosters

The Health Area is located in the left-handed middle
section of your property when you’re standing at your front
door. It is located in the center, left-hand side of your
home and the center, left-hand side of each room.

It you’ve having health problems, pay close attention to
the Health Areas in each room. Is this where you keep your
cat’s litter box? If so, move it. If the area is missing,
be sure to “fill in in.”

Also, look to see what’s being stored in the Health Area of
your yard. Is there clutter? Are you storing trash
there? Is the vegetation growing out of control? If so,
clear up that area pronto – then watch your health improve.

Here are 25 health booster suggestions:

Offer to lend a hand cleaning your neighbor’s yard. It
will improve your view and both of your lives.
Fix any leaky faucets, inside and outside.
Put down the toilet lid before you flush the toilet and
keep it down when the toilet is not is use.
Put healthy plants in as many rooms as possible since they
generate positive energy. Silk flowers are okay, but dried
flowers are the least desirable since they have no energy
left. After all, they’re dead.
Get a pet if you can. They have stimulating life-force
energy. They are great companions who love you
unconditionally, generating positive energy.
Plug all drains in the house when they’re not being used.
Move furniture such as beds, desks and couches from under
any overhead beams. Otherwise, it can feel as if something
is “hanging over you.”
Turn off your electric blanket before you fall asleep.
Otherwise, the electricity will disrupt your energy flow.
Burn incense or use essential oils or aromatherapy
candles. Smells can have a healing effect on you.
Keep the entryway into your home clutter-free. It should
not be an obstacle course.
Buy yourself a gift that represents good health, such as a
well-tended houseplant. Place it in a prominent position
and when you see it. Visualize optimum health.
Wear green often since it is the color of health.
Place a birdbath or feeder in your yard to attract
If you have to sit with you back to the door, place
something at the entryway that will alert you to
approaching visitors, such as a large cow bell hanging on
the doorknob. You’ll feel more secure when you’re not
startled by someone entering the room.
If you have an unpleasant view from any of your windows,
place a mirror on the opposite wall to send the image back
Place a round, clear crystal in any window that receives
sunlight. The crystal will create vibrant rainbows all
over the room and give you a healthy dose of color therapy.
If where you live is small and the space feels cramped, you
can create the impression of space by adding mirrors.
Clear away any clutter in the front, side and backyard. Pay
close attention to what is stored on the left side of your
Place the bed where you have the widest view of the room
when you’re sitting or lying on the bed. (However it should
not be in direct line with the door.) This will give you a
more commanding position in the room and you’ll feel more
Clean out your closets and remove the things you no longer
wear or use. Donate them to someone who will. You’ll feel
great for doing it and you’ll clear your mind.
Wear pink to melt away anger. Wear green to promote healthy
feelings. Green also restores and soothes your soul. Wear
yellow to brighten and stimulate your mind. Wear blue to
promote calmness and tranquility.
Bathrooms can drain your health and your finances, so
figuratively “dam” the water by using earth tone colors on
the walls and on the floor.
Staircases that are in a direct line with the door tend to
affect your health, wealth or relationships. If your front
door opens to a set of stairs, place a round crystal on an
18-inch red cord halfway between the door and the stairs.
If hanging a crystal is not appealing to you, you can place
a large statue, a large vase or a plant somewhere close to
the base of the stairs.
Are you not sleeping well? Can you see your bed from the
hallway before you even get to your bedroom door? If so,
try moving the bed to the other side of the room, out of
the direct line of energy entering the room. You’ll sleep
better and you will also feel safer and more protected from
negative energy.
In your Health Areas, place items that represent long life,
such as a statue of a crane or elephant (or any animal or
plant that lives a long time).

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25 Wealth Boosters

The Wealth Area is located in the left rear corner of your
lot, the left rear corner of your home and the left rear
corner of each room. In this area, you want to create a
flow, so place three similar objects together – paintings,
bowls, boxes, whatever says “money to you."

Decorate these areas in colors that represent wealth – red,
blue purple, gold or any color that says wealthy to you.
Plant flowers in these colors in the Wealth Area of your
garden. Your goal is to create a prosperous environment
inside and out. Then you’ll be able to carry this
prosperous energy with you wherever you go.

25 Wealth Boosters

Add flowering plants in groups of threes along the walkway
to your front door. If they’re red, all the better.
Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street
at night as well as during the day.
Clear away any clutter and trim overgrown plants in all
yard areas.
If you have to cut down any trees or vegetation or if you
lose any to storms or disease, replace them with plants of
equal or greater beauty and value.
Plug all drains in the house when you’re not using them. A
rubber stopper works great. Your intent is to stop your
money from going down the drain.
Get in the habit of keeping the toilet lid down when it’s
not in use. This will help prevent you from “throwing
money down the toilet,” so to speak.
Keep live plants in the left hand corner of as many rooms
as possible. It’s even better if their leaves look like
round coins.
Place a fish tank or bowl in the left rear corner of your
living room. As you feed your fish, see your finances
Move your furniture around. It’s fun to have something new
to come home to. You’ll also change the flow of energy
which is a good thing to do every so often.
Clean out the garage and have a garage sale at the same
time. You’ll make some money and also improve your ability
to think and plan more clearly.
Keep your stove and its burners clean and in good working
condition. The Chinese have always believed that the stove
has a direct connection to your wealth.
If possible, place lights along your walkway. You’ll be
lighting the pathway to your future wealth and prosperity.
When arranging furniture, remember less is always best.
Too much furniture can make you feel cramped and can
restrict the flow of your opportunities.
Outside waterfalls are especially helpful in creating cash
flow. They’re even more helpful when placed in the far
left rear corner of your backyard. It’s even better yet if
the water is collected in a pond that has eight gold fish
and one black fish. In Feng Shui, eight is the number of
prosperity. The one black fish attracts and absorbs all
the negative or undesirable energy on your property.
Use earth-tone colors on the walls and floors in rooms that
have large amounts of water, such as the bathroom, kitchen
and laundry room. This will symbolically dam the water so
you can hold on to your money longer.
Make sure all doors open fully. If they don’t, it could
limit your opportunities and affect your ability to make a
good and comfortable living.
Does the rear left-hand corner of your backyard slope down
and away from the house? To counterbalance this, place a
light fixture that shines up the hill at your house and
turn it on for a couple hours every day. You will be
symbolically “shoring up” the wealth corner of your
Hang or place a mirror on your stove. That way, you’ll see
twice as many burners as you had before. This doubling of
the burners increases your opportunities for prosperity.
Place a windmill or weathervane in the far left corner of
the backyard. The movement stimulates energy and attracts
wealth. A whirligig or anything that spins will also do the
Place three similar objects together in the far left corner
of the living room or bedroom. These objects should be in
the preferred colors of wealth: gold, purple, red, blue and
green (or any color that says wealth to you).
Hang a round, clear crystal on an 18-inch red cord in the
left rear corner of the living room. The red in the cord
is the energy activator while the crystal swirls the energy
and gives it a real money-making boost. If you hang it
close to a window, you’ll get a healthy dose of rainbow
therapy for free!
Keep the kitchen cupboards well-stock with food. When your
cupboards are filled with food, you’ll feel more abundant.
Keep your valuables, such as a coin collection, piggy bank,
safe or jewelry, in the left rear corner of your bedroom.
This amplifies or draws more wealth to you.
Place items in your front yard and backyard that create
motion or have eye-catching appeal such as gazing balls,
pinwheels, hand painted garden stakes or figurines. The
brighter the colors, the better.
In the left corner of each room, place together three
plants that have round leaves (round leaves look like
coins), If they flower red or purple, that’s even better.
African violets work well here if you get early morning or
late afternoon sun. To keep them flowering all
year ‘round, you mustfertilize them with violet food each
time you water.

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The Top 25 Career Boosters

The Career Area of your home is located front and center if
you’re standing on the street looking at your house. Your
property and each room also has a Career Area.
The colors for the Career Area are black and blue, which
represent deep, flowing water.

The Feng Shui belief is that life’s opportunities flow in
through the front door, so be sure to keep that area as
uncluttered as possible.

If you’re looking for a new job or want to feel better
about the job you have, this is the area to activate. Some
tips are repeated because they apply to more than one area
of your life.

Here are some suggestions to improve or enhance your career:

Hang windchimes outside your front door to bring in more
opportunities or a promotion.
Hang a brightly colored flag, windsock or banner in your
front yard.
Place a birdbath or feeder in the yard to attract
wildlife. It will increase the amount of energy around
your home.
Write down what you would most like to do if you no longer
had to work for a living. Place your list in several
locations so you’ll see it often. Visualize what you would
be doing if you weren’t working. But remember to always be
grateful for what you have.
Make sure your house numbers are clearly visible from the
street during the day and well-lit at night, if possible.
Clear out any clutter or plant debris that is in your yard,
especially the front yard. Clutter blocks the flow of
energy and limits the opportunities.
Put a colorful and inviting welcome mat at the front door.
Place a water fountain, pond or bubbler close to the front
door. Then watch the money flow in like water!
Spring houseclean, even if it’s the middle of winter.
There’s no time like the present to get rid of the junk and
clutter that limits your choices.
Clean out your closets and drawers. Give away, sell or
throw away anything you no longer use or no longer like.
Again, have a garage sale and clean out the clutter at the
same time. Make room for new things and new beginnings.
Place a heavy object, such as a large plant or statue, at
the base of your entranceway or front walkway. This will
slow down or block any escaping energy that is flowing down
the stairs.
Make sure that all your doors open fully and that there is
noting blocking their path. If your doors are locked, your
opportunities will be limited.
Again, when placing furniture in each room, remember less
is always best. Too much furniture makes you feel cramped
and restricts the flow of energy.
Try and keep the bare walls in your home to a minimum.
Naked walls make you feel as if you have very few or no
Make sure all clocks in your home are in working order. If
not, fix them or throw them away. Otherwise, you could
feel that you never have enough time or that time is
standing still.
Make sure to have lots of bright colors wherever you’re
working. Color stimulates and rejuvenates your mental
Playing calming music like ocean waves, forest sounds or
rain falling soothes a stressful working or home
If possible, light the walkway to your front door at
night. This will “light the way” to your door.
Hang a round blue or clear crystal on an 18-inch red cord
above your desk or wherever you sit to work. This will
lift your energy upward and invigorate the mental process.
A round four-inch mirror will work if you don’t have a
Paint your mailbox with a fun colorful, eyecatching design,
especially if your business is home-based. This will
encourage more business through the mail.
Do something that lifts your spirit, such as placing
wonderful smelling flowers at your desk. They’ll give you a
fresher and rosier outlook on life.
Add mirrors to increase the size of a small room. You’ll
create a feeling of more space and endless opportunities.
If possible, place your desk so you can see the best
overall view of the room and the door. If you can place
your desk in the far left corner, all the better.
A blue or black rug at your front door will symbolically
allow opportunities to flow in like water.