Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-10-06 01:23:55 (UTC)

my love life...

there isn't much of one...

My Goddess of the Sky, isn't interested in a relationship... rebound,
yeah.. we didn't end up at the party, she came over, we
started to talk, and I made a couple of drinks, 2 bloody
ceasars, and a couple of shots of kaluha, and bailey's. I
said she looked sexy, and I wanted to take her clothes off
with my teeth, I was joking, then she said she was wearing
a sports bra, and that it couldn't be done.

Well, twice in 2 months, I have proved women wrong. I took
all of her clothes off, and with my tongue peircing I made
her squirm like a fish trapped in net... so, finally,
almost a year to the day, I finally had sex. 8 times, and
it was great.

we talked until around 10am, and she left just around noon,
she might come back tonight, maybe... we are very different
people, and in different places in our lives, and I don't
think that anything more than that will happen.

on another note, I am surprised. the Goth, she emailed me,
she wants to get together with me on tuesday, wow, thats
all I seem to be able to think of. maybe, and I am just
letting this get to my head, I am not such a loser after
all. heh, maybe, just maybe I have something.......

this also presents a problem, if lenora comes back tonight,
or calls me within a week, then I will ask her, if she
wants to \"see me\"... if she does, I won't ask the goth
i will just be her friend... if lenora doesn't phone me,
then, I will assume last night, was simply, fun, and a one
time thing.

and then I shall ask the goth out, who knows, maybe it's
fate or something...

I asked My Goddess of the Sky if she wanted to get married, jokingly
of course, and she said, \"if we are both still single in 5
years, why not?\" and I said, what if we are seeing someone,
and she said, \"if we aren't 100% sure, and not 100% in love
with the person we are with, then, we, will marry each
other\"... heh, heh

it's funny, My Goddess of the Sky and i went right back into the
whole, friend thing, and it told her about my little problem i had
last year, and she took it well, people make mistakes, and
it was liberating to be able to talk to her about
everything thats happened to me in the last 6 years, and
find out all the things that have happened to her...

it was nice...

it doesn't mean, I still don't think of Tess, or Celeste,
or even of the Swimfan, or of the Mona Lisa, I am begining
to wonder..

am I poly?

nah, just wishy washy...

Nemo me impune lacessit