Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-10-06 01:05:35 (UTC)

talents to live by...

i have talents i am told... often...

it seems as though everything comes back to three things
that I seem to do well...

the first.. is writing...

many times, and not for the first time, here on my diary, I
have been told that I am good writer. i have always
resisted that. i don't take compliments well, sometimes at

when i was 17, i wrote a short story in my communications
class, it was an assignment. of course, my story was sci-
fi, and relagated to post apocalyptic "man vs the world"
syndrome which was typical to my frame of mind. I was
obsessed with Mad Max, (all 3 films) and so I wrote my 12
page short on this.

in class, one of the two teachers didn't get some of the
words, i used, you know, "geek speak", star trek crap and
all. you know, anti grav units, comm units, shit of that
nature. at that point, in my arrogant, "if you don't get it
you're stupid" I disliked that teacher forever, she also
thought it was too provocative, I had scene in which I
described a woman, "the lithe curves of her leather covered
breasts shifted, firm and supple, Trent stared hard, trying
not to notice.", okay, that wasn't the line I used, but you
get the point. the other teacher, he like it, I used really
clean, vivid imagerary, (still can't spell though) and he
thought, that with the exception of a clear plot (yeah,
yeah) it was really good.

I think I explained this a long time ago, in a different
entry, about the woman a friend of my mother knew, who was
a writer, she basically went and accused me of plagerism.
That I think was one of three things, that made me never
really think about writing, or doing anything with those
natural talents, like refining them.

I started to write a script for a movie, still am, it's
been 7 years, still haven't put it to paper tho...

the second talent I seem to possess, is an aptitude for

I get wild, I get excited and damnit, I get invigorated
everytime I think about taking one of my ideas, and giving
it life... sometimes, my friends have ideas, and I think,
wow, with my help, those could be awesome, and I offer it.
unfortunetly, some of them get frightened off by me. some
of them think, I will rip them off or something.... no

so, now I have this idea, all mine, I won't go into too
much detail, but I will say this. it looks like I will
actually get it off the ground.. I have a programer, I have
a real graphic designer and I have the know how to start it
up and really make it...

now, I know a little about programing, and I know a little
about graphic design, I did take both in high school, and I
was told I wasn't bad in either, I just didn't have the
patience to develope it more than I had. I suppose I could
still do it, but I don't know...

the third you ask... you have to ask?

being a wishy washy bastard...

thats me...

But not this time...

No way...

This time, I will take my idea, and my friends, and run
with it...


Nemo me impune lacessit

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