Mars Hotel
2001-07-31 07:40:47 (UTC)

Thoughts of the Lovestruck

Caught in the beauty of grace,
It wraps my heart and strangles til
I feel I can no longer breathe.
Piercing stare,
Ever more piercing words.
Pervasion of mind,
when all is you
and nothing else matters.
Sweet content in your memory.

Utter bliss in your words.

I long for embrace:
the anticipation of the
feel of your body,
the engulfment experienced
as I wrap my arms around you.
To hold you.
to hold you

To smell you is like a dream.
No flower, no perfume,
no sweet scent of the ripest fruit
could match the delight you bring to my senses.

To be near you
makes my skin cold and my heart beat.
I shiver and yet I radiate warmth.
I become numb yet my emotions soar--
soar out of my body and into complete adoration.
I am calm yet I dare not utter a wrong word.

How long must I wait for you?
Seems an eternity

I know the day will come.

If only I could persuade time to speed up,
to let me be with you.
Then to coax it back to the slow drag I feel now
while away from you.

Are my expectations too high?

Even in being next to you will I never be let down.
For my goddess are you not, but love shall you be.