Inside Me
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2002-10-05 23:56:14 (UTC)

Ren Fair

Well, I was remembered by one guy(thomas) who met me
before, and he dind't try to kiss my hand, and then he was
talking about stuff, that was funny, and he's like, she's a
pretty one, and such a great smile, and she won't let
anyone touch her. Then another dude that worked there came
over, and the one that was already there told him he
couldn't touch me, because I had like this force field or
bubble around me. Then that guy said some stuff, and then
left. Oh, did I mention Flo brought toni? She's kinda nice,
says some none needed words kinda, but nice. Anyways,
thomas asked if he offended me, and I said no, its ok, its
funny blah blah. Basically thomas and his two friends, was
making my way clear by saying in a nice way, she wishes not
to be touched. I'm am sad because I didn't get much time to
look at anything, or almost everything I wanted. Grrrrrr
that! Too bad I don't know anyone else thats going. Jenny
can't go because she has to work on SAturdays now. So not
fair. All well, I'll live I guess. I go through all that,
and come home with nothing. Grrrrrr that! I wonder how my
boss is doing. He's probably having a better time than I
am, not to mention he's going to be watching phantom of the
opera sometime tonight, so not fair. I hope he gets too, it
would be a kwel experience for him. I'm getting rather
nervous about next week and haning out with Ren. I hope all
goes well, and I get along with everyone. She said there's
a girl I have to meet there because everytime she talks to
her she's reminded of me, so that should be interseting. I
wonder what someone else was doing tonight, wonder if they
had as much fun as last night. Hmmmmmmmm, I guess I"ll end
here, night all