A Day in the Life of Me
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2002-10-05 23:27:15 (UTC)

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it's funny how you wake up one morning and realize all of
the things that are slowly slipping away from you. you know
what you've done to shut everyone out and slowly separate
yourself. you realize you haven't been the most loveable
bubbly person in the world. it's so hard to let people in
on the whole you. why is it that my best friend is someone
i've never met? i feel closer to him than to the people i
see everyday. physical and emotional distance from everyone
makes me feel alone, completely and utterly alone. i don't
want to reach out to my so called friends who could really
care less. i don't want to wake up me but i don't want to
wake up any of them either because i know deep down inside
they feel just as out of place as i do. i don't know what
would really make me happy. maybe if i could be held by the
one person who promised me that he would if he had the
opportunity. but that consolation and comfort and
contentment would be temporary. i wish i culd get my mess
together. i just want to talk to my brother. for right now
that'll do.

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