Diary Thingy
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2002-10-05 22:37:22 (UTC)


My mom left today for San Fran Sisco. I WANT TO GO TO
SAN FRAN SISCO!!!!!! I am upset about that. She will not be
home until next Saturday which means a whole freaking week
of cleaning up after my brother and my dad. That sucks to
the tenth power!!! I am really depressed right now because
I made plans and then got bailed on because my best friend
was too tired to do anything. It kind of annoys me, but I
still told her to go back to sleep. Cough Karen cough. No
just kidding,I still love you and you are not why I am
depressed. In fact, I don't even know why, I am just
feeling kinda crappy. I am listening to Dave Matthews Band
which is what I listen to when I am depressed for some
reason. Yeah.
I wish that I had something to do, but everyone is all
ready out doing all of their stuff so no one is fucking
home. Which blows so hard it is not even funny. I need to
get out of this fucking house. It is all ready driving me
crazy. I wish that I could drive, but sadly that will not
happen for atleast another 9 to 12 months. DAMNIT!!!! I am
just really pissed off right now, but of course no is
paying attention to me except to tell me to turn down my
music. My brother even unplugged my speakers so I had to
fix them. FUCK THAT!!
I wish I knew something who was willing to drive me.
That would be the sweetest thing ever. Too bad I don't know
anyone like that. SUCK, SUCK, BLOW, BLOW!!!!! I am pissed
off right now. Yeah. Really pissed off.
I just thought of something. This one girl (I think
that her name is Jeanie) who doesn't like me has a crush on
the biggest fucking asshole to ever walk this earth. I
think that that is kinda funny. I know that it is mean but
hey, she was the one who didn't listen. I am having a
laugh over this because I told her about him and she got
all pissed off which is why she probably hates me. Soon she
will figure it out and then she will be all like hmmmmmm I
should have listened to Marie who tried to save me from
being hurt. Yeah that's basically it. Now I just have to
last until SNL so I can get my Jimmy Falon fix.
Ok people my quote of the day is this: "I came hear
for an argument!! Sorry this is abuse." This is funny for
all of you people who actually know what Monty Python is.
ROCK ON KELLEY!!! It is also what I will say if anyone in
my immediate family comes near me right now. I am going to
be a Kelley poser right now and say Peace out and keep the