Glimpse of Reality
2001-07-31 07:08:11 (UTC)

Tuesday July 31 2001

Well, not much happened today which is actually still
Monday to me because sleep hasn't happened yet.
I just spent the last four hours sitting at the kitchen
table with Brandon and Amy talking and laughing our asses
off about a lot of stuff. We were remembering things we did
when we were younger - like being mallrats at the Pembroke
Lakes Mall and living at our Dad's apartment.. it was
great. It reminded me of the way things used to be with my
brother. It was so nice to have that back for a night.
I did realize tonight that Brandon and I both have grown
up a lot and that we are completely two different people
now. Things were kind of like old times sitting around
smoking cigarettes and laughing but then again it wasn't. I
suppose time really does change things a lot but, it was
nice to have.
although I think TW is going to kill me, I tried leaving
him messages and Brandon wasmaking me laugh so hard the
messages sounded like i was just laughing like a loon
instead of calling him seriously. I hope that didn't piss
him off.
ahh well, it's 3:03 AM and I still am not tired. Looks
like another all nighter for me