No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-05 22:11:29 (UTC)

going through stuff

I was going through my grandpa's truck of World War 1 and 2
stuff. There is some neat stuff in there. One of his
uniforms he was a seargent. In another he was a First
Seargent. It's really neat to see how much teh Air Force
uniforms have changed also. I found some books and
programs. Some statue things and some figures. A flag and a
picture. Just some really cool stuff. It's really cool and
interesting. Smells funny though. lol. Anyways...
Jess is staying the night. Heck yeah. We're such bad
kids...we're gunna head up to the dunes and chill out
there. :D Woo hoo! We're gunna have fun and relax. Ahh,
relax. Such a nice word such a nice thing. lol. Now that
you all think I'm totally psycho...I'm gunna jet.