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2001-07-31 06:58:27 (UTC)

leaving for South Carolina

Well, today is Monday and for some reason I have insomnia.
That is bad. And my friends are worried about me. Becuase
not only am I not sleeping well anymore but I am also
breaking out. All over my body not just my face. That
doesn't usually happen. My buds call it stress. I'm like,"
what do i have to be stressed about?" They claim it's
schhol, work and brett, I asked why brett? They think it's
cuz we were still to my knowledge seeing eachother. And i
want it to be more. and that I am worried and scared cuz
there is still that slight chance that he could see other
people. i replied that i could also, not that i would. i'm
not like that.Especiallly if I really like the guy. I
really like Brett. He really is a great guy.I'm lucky to
have him. but i gotta ask him one question. why do u like
me? he's probably the HOTTEST guy i've ever dated and he
could get any girl in the world. why is he with me? i have
yet to figure this out. I'm glad he likes me it's juts i'm
curious. as they saw curiosity killed the cat.............
but the cat had nine dunno. but he's leaving
for the whole month of August. i can't wait to see him
next. but i want "alone' time with him. we have yet to be
truly alone. people are always around. but then again do i
want to be totally alone w/ him? i don't trust myself alone
w/ him. he makes me nervous. he does cute sexy stuff and
then he does male dominance stuff. which i don't mind. i
just, i dunno. i guess i just need to talk to him. i hope
he writes me while he's in south carolina.
hey chris, do me another quick fav! ask him what he's doing
this month. then when he says south carolina, ask him if
he's going to write to me. i want to see what he'll say.
i'm sure that if he gave me his address, i would write to
him everyday that he was gone. but i don't want to seem
obssessed. i dunno. i can't wait to see him. he's leaving
on the 5th for eagle scout camp and then he's going to s.
carolina. i'm going to miss him! i need to bring a camera
next time we get togethr. since he grew back his go-te he
looks even HOTTER!!!!!!!!!! Anyway gotts to jet..cya

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