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2001-07-31 06:23:25 (UTC)

Drive From Hell

Well, 1st let me say that I am being thrown into he depths
of hell as we speak....Sleepless, alone, frightened,
possibly unemployed, torn, lied to, did i mention alone???

Well, Brian has a lot to do wtih all this, not much or a
surprise eh?
We finally talked to today, well, tonight, this morning...
whatever- "I still love you"... BULLSHIT.

But anyway, work tongith sucked, i can go with phil camping
on friday thogugh (we're going up overnight!!!) and Andy
kept saying he's glad i'm workgni with them tomorrow night
cuz he missed me last night when he was on and i wasn't.
he'ssooo cool, him and his friend paul K (not from work)
gave me aride home instead of jordan, jordan was stressed,
and i kinda wanted andy to offer me a ride, so i was glad
when he did :):):) I'M DEMONIC! I SWEAR!!! this is so
horrid of me... i really like phil, i thinki honestly care
abotu him, but whenever i get around that funny flirty andy
Well, I g2g... work to do. AP GOV due this morning... AHHHH

chelle- HELP