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2001-07-31 06:21:46 (UTC)


I haven't written for almost a week. Nothing's really's like I'm re-living the same day over and
over. I abandoned my real journal too. And I didn't
practice bass except today and yesterday for a little
while. So I'm failing in every possible way! Heheh.
Tomorrow I go to my lesson though. My brother Jon is home
from Santa Cruz. My grandfather was here too, and he did a
mean thing. When I wasn't around he offered to pay for
therapy for me. He thinks I'm really fucked up apparently.
That made me sad. I mean, couldn't he have done that a few
years ago when I was in middle school and seriously
depressed? There's nothing really wrong with me NOW. So I
will probably take the damn therapy money and spend it on
CD's and stuff.
Love, Rosie

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