Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2001-07-31 06:05:33 (UTC)

Larry, Moe, Curly, and Me

Current music: Days of the Week by STP (still)
Current mood: Epiphany

Hey again, it's about 1 AM. I was just about to get
offline. But after reading some other people's diaries, I
thought about how funny some people are in just describing
their everyday life. How depressing and serious I must
sound. Well damn. I think I've lost all ability to laugh
at my problems. Really. Life is just an epic comedic
adventure, and the seriousness can be reversed to seem more
like The Three Stooges, but on crack. Why am I getting so
worked up over other people's problems? It's ALL good,
right. Things could be soo much worse and here I am, boo-
hooing b/c my best guy friend won't keep his hands off me.
So he's the one with the problem!! Ha. I feel like
laughing hysterically, but I think it would disturb my
slumbering parents. I used to be able to laugh when shit
got complicated, just b/c of the sheer ridiculousness of it
all. When I wake up tomorrow, I hope I remember this
little revelation and quit dragging out the drama. amen..