Diary Thingy
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2002-10-05 19:36:23 (UTC)


People were being retarded in choir today. Stupid
stupid people. My brother was being retarded too, because
he was standing out in the rain because he couldn't open
the door of his car. STUPID!! All of you people who know my
brother will laugh at this. We all know that my brother is
so cool. Tehehe! Ok now that we are done making fun of my
brother....but wait when are we ever done making fun of my
brother? I will still miss him when he moves out next year,
if you guys can beleive it.
Yeah ok done talking about that. The guy that I have a
crush on, who will remain nameless (ask me if you really
want to know), is downstairs so of course I am upstairs on
my computer. Yeah you guys all know how smooth I am.
In English class we are reading a play and let me say
that Michael is the worst actor ever. Yeah that is kinda
mean but hey I beleive that it is true. Chase does a really
cool British accent if anyone cares. Ok I am going to stop
talking because know probably cares anymore.
The quote of the day is "When I grow up I want to be
just like all of my friends in marching band!!" Good luck
at your competition you guys!!!!

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