2001-07-31 05:34:28 (UTC)


Well I found it out. All I can do is just sigh and shake my
head because its all a bunch of bullshit. How long have I
been asking and just as I tell her that Im pissed off at my
Aunt she gives me the information I needed.

Hell she could have just rememberd it. I dont know. Guilt
is settling in. Im so angry. I'm angry that she could push
this off like that. Almost like its not important. Im angry
cause I feel like I cant talk to my Dad about it, and Im
angry cause I dont feel my Mom would tell me anything at

I'm just sick of these feelings. I feel like the walls are
closing in on me.

I really should be getting to bed because it's 1:22 in the
morning and I have to get up early cause Im hanging out
with a friend at the beach. I could take my pills but the
damn things don't really work all that great and they make
me feel like shit when I get up in the morning.

Okay Aunts on, going to talk to her.