Squeeb's world
2002-10-05 18:22:25 (UTC)


I have been so excited this past week what with the news of
my baby and all. He's doing sooooo well and they renewed his
contract! He'll be playing this year! Ok maybe not entirely
in the NHL but do I care? No. He'll be playing!!! Oh wow,
wow wow!! And if he DOES stay up with the big team, they'll
be playing in Ottawa in November and I am soooo going to see
him! It's been sooooo long since I got to watch him play and
I've missed it soooo much. Anyhoo so the other day I sent
an email into my radio station requesting that they play
"Let's Hear it for the Boy" for him and they did and the DJ
was sooooo funny. Because he read my story and said "Her
friend just signed an NHL contract. Wow!" EXCITED!!! I LOVE

Current mood: still giddy
Current music: "I Want it that Way"- BSB