No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-10-05 18:21:17 (UTC)

last night

Hey! my day has been alright today...but my night wasn't so
great. Trish called at 11:15 to tell me she'd be late, and
I always wait up for her when she works. So, I started to
watch Comedy Central. There are some awesome awesome stand
up comedians. lol. I fell asleep on the couch around 12:45
watching SouthPark. In the episode this show kinda like
Pokemon was on TV and all the kids liked it. It had hidden
messages from the Chineese and Japenesse to buy theses
figures and destroy the US Government. Weird plot line.
Well, I woke up at like 1:38. I heard Terry's car outside
so I looked out the window and he was here and I walked
outside. Him and Trish were looking at her planner thingy
so I looked in the window then they noticed me. I was
like "yeah I fell asleep. Sorry" They asked if I had tapped
my nails or something. I hadn't...I couldn't even walk
straight. I was tired. lol. Terry left like 3 minutes
later...I don't blame him. It was really early in the
morning! Anyways, I went to bed right when I got inside. I
ended up shaking to sleep becasue I was cold but I knew I
was running a fever so I didn't get more blankets or
anything. I woke up at 2:37 and threw up for like 7
minutes. It was all liquid too. It was horrible and tasted
even worse than usual puke does. I was shaking and just
went back to sleep. My stomach was hurting really bad like
it use to last year too. Last year around this time
everytime I had chicken I threw up. It wasn't nice at all.
I hate throwing up. But I didn't have chicken...I think it
was just stomach acid. I digested all my food so I know it
was either water, soda, or stomach acid. My mom thinks it's
nerves and that could be it to. As you can tell by my
horoscopes I have been a little bothered lately. But it's
not enough to get me sick. Well, over a period of time like
it has been lately it could be enough to get me sick.
Enough about that. I don't want to gross anyone out.
Jess might stay the night tonight and other than that I
have nothing going on.
I am VERY VERY happy :D Everything is fine. Everything is
back to normal. It's great.
Well I'm gunna go and stop typing. lol. Laters.