Sydrena's Life
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2002-10-05 16:12:37 (UTC)

Entry #3

Hey I haven't been here in a while. I been doing a lot of
school work and been quite busy. I have a new boyfriend.
Lets see how long this will last. He hasn't came on to me
about sex so he might be nice. I still wonder why i am so
weak to the opposite sex. But I been geting better.
Everyone been reading my diaries. Thats nice. It makes me
smile. I wonder if Mario( my boyfriend) will hurt me. I
think so all boys hurt me. Nate is going to homecoming
with his girl. I can't believe it. He will never do that
for me. Chris still like me. Too bad i found that out
after I went with Mario. Terry went to his homecoming but
didn't ask me but suppose to be talking. Thats some shit.
I don't even believe what he tell me him or Pooh. Diamond
might be on punishment because of her stanking ass step
mother. Thats wrong. Corey dont like her but he want to
fuck and I aint goin let that happen. Ahmed says he'll go
with me but I am too young. Bull shit I am not too young
to fuck. Well he says i am sweet. thats nice. Carlton
knows I like him but I dont think he wants to do anything
about it because hes stuck on Stephanie and they say I
look better but I doubt it. Well i havent been depressed
and I am in a good mood. So bye diary.

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