Mandy Kay

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2001-07-31 04:58:33 (UTC)

No Mango For You!!

Current music: Days of the Week by STP
Current mood: Bored

NO MANGO FOR YOU!!! Hehehe McCall has never watched
SNL. How deprived. I'm going to say that to you know who
the next time he tries to kiss can't have the
Mango!! Ohhhhh...I haven't talked to him today. There are
some things I really want to tell my friends but I can't.
Noemi says if anything happened between me and him she
doesn't want to know about it. Well I guess that's good.
what she doesn't know should stay that way this time. But
I feel very bad that she's so angry. She insists that he
took advantage of me. Girl, you have NO IDEA. Really.
Like I said, there's just some things I wish I could tell
someone but I really can't b/c I'm not supposed to. And I
wouldn't, thinking it's a little embarrassing in retrospect.
Anyway, I'm kinda mad b/c I wanted to talk to McCall
and see how she was doing with the whole Jason thing, but
noooo she was talking to Darcy. Dang Darcy. Not really
but whatev. I better get to sleep, gotta mow the lawn manana.
Blechhhhh!! as always ~mandy