Highway to Hell
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2001-07-31 04:54:50 (UTC)


well today was fun even though not much happened i went
running and i can run like forest gump. haha. my mom told
me to get off the computer like 20 minutes ago but i'm a
rebel cause i need to listen to my ac/dc. i talked to a lot
of girls tonight i don't know why. there kind of
entertaining. amanda is like the coolest person ever and
shes like so funny. lindy was entertaining tonight cause
some guy started talking to her and tell her all this stuff
they were gonna do together.haha. roqi told me she was
going to paris what a liar. and a mystery person started
talkin to me tonight he sounded a little like will anderson
and maybe a little of wades friend but either way the
person is a moron.

"she told me to cum but i was already there" - brian
johnson ac/dc

what a classic lyric hahaha