2001-01-23 03:10:45 (UTC)


Hey, y'all. Wuz crackin? Well, I haven't been getting up to
much lately. On Saturday I was talking to my baby daddy,
Bobby, from 11pm-3am. My ass was tired like a mug. Damn,I
just love talking to him, though. I hope he calls me soon.
Right now I'm on the phone with the homegirl, Brittney
(yeah, we got 2 lines). Nicole's boyfriend, Will, is
cheating on her. That day me and Nicole went to Disneyland,
he went to the movies with Tyesha, Nicole's best friend.
Dallas, Will's brother, told me that Will goes out with
Tyesha and that they had sex and everything, but I didn't
tell Nicole. Then Dallas and Will's little sister told that
to Nicole, but she said "I'm just playing." But it's really
the truth. Then lastnight Nicole talked to Tyesha, and
Tyesha was like "Well, we didn't do anything at the
movies." Don't you think that's a little suspecious? You
don't go to the movies with your friend's boyfriend without
her knowing or going. Then Will told Nicole, "I love you"
about 2 nights ago.But then last night he asked me out. I'm
not going to tell Nicole though. I had a good dayat school
today. At lunch this guy named Tval came over to where I
was hanging with my friends, and he some juice or
something. He asked me, "If I put this in my mouth, will
you let me put my tongue in your mouth? Becuz I never
kissed a girl with a tongue ring before." You gotta see
him. He is sooo fine!But I didn't let him cuz I have a
boyfriend who I care about (damn!). Well, I gotta go 4 now.
Talk 2 y'all later.