The Chronicles of My Life
2002-10-05 14:28:18 (UTC)

Last night was so awesome. She..

Last night was so awesome. She actually danced with me!
Twice! I was so nervous when I went to ask her the first
time. That is not easy. My first dance ever was to Thank
You for Loving Me, by Bon Jovi, with a really cool person.
I was so happy. I still am. It was pretty fun. It was
worth staying up till midnight just to dance with her
again. She's cool. I am really tired though. I'm not used
to staying up that late. Anoter highlight of the night was
watching Andy dance with my sister. That was so
hilarious! The Grand March was pretty strange. They had
the royalty dance to Goobye To You. My song to Cali. I
don't see why they made them dance to a song like that.
On a sadder note, the Twins lost again. We finally
have a play-off team here and they're going to be
elliminated in the first round. Cheap. The Wild are the
only NHL team that is undefeated in the preseason. this
could be a good year for them. I hope so. Schwab and i
were going to try to get tickets to the season home opener
next Friday, except Andy has football. That bites. Oh
well. Not much else. Until later