Just a girl, in the world

Had a Bad Day Again....
2001-07-31 04:36:49 (UTC)

Everything Goes welll for once!!!

Hello there. : ) ok, well, hummmm, this week has been
pretty good, I've had band practice for 8 hours a day for
the las t two weeks, but other than that , it's all
Josh came to see me this weekend : ). I'm so happy. I
really really like him. Hes a great guy. My only worry is
that I like him more than he likes me. I hope that he
likes me too, and I think he does, but, I'm not really
sure. I'm supposed to go with him and his family to a thing
on Saturday, and with any luck I'll be able to,
HOPEFULLY. I'm prayin about it, I really want to go. I
love spending time with him. : ) He's pretty great.
Anyways. Kassie Came home this weekend too. Which was
awesome. I was so happy to get to see her. I hadn't seen
her in like 3 months. That had to be a record or
something. I'm really glad that she's back. I missed the
old Huzz. ; )
I still haven't heard from Chris Innes. Which is ok, I
don't like him or anything anymore. I would just like to
talk to him everyonce in a while, because we're friends .
I miss his friendship a lot. But it's ok I guess. Well I'm
gonna get off here and get in the bed for now.
Good Night everyone