2001-07-31 04:30:32 (UTC)

When I Dream, I See the Moon Beneath My Feet.

Saturday and the memories came flooding back. Unexpected,
unlooked for, but they were there. Just over a year since i
first came to Japan and one year to the day since I met
Teresa. One year. Time passes on a human scale, irrelevant
and fleeting. Yet the moment, the very actuallity of it is
tangible and relevant. But its gone and now has a dream
like quality. Funny that i should feel so sad.

Perhaps i am doing something wrong, looking for the wrong
types of things, perhaps I just have absolutely no idea of
where to look and where to go when it comes to getting
gifts for people. Thats the reason i was in Himeji again,
to buy gifts for friends and family back home. Do you think
I could find anything? No, i couldnt. A universal problem I
hear.I envy those who have no trouble matching gifts with a
person with such ease.

Away from japan for a month. Looking forward to the cold
and some decent scenery. Dreary, dreary Japan. Hill after
green tree clad hill and my eyes beg for a break. Well they
are going to get what they wish for.

i like the title of this entry. It appeals. I identify. A suggestion
of everything before me and of infinite loneliness.